As a general rule, you will receive approximately one third of the body weight of your deer in meat products. Most of the weight of the livedeer is made up of bones, fat, skin, fur and organs.

Meat cuts from various parts of the white-tailed deer


Take-home meat to expect from a 75 lb. half-pork

(Trimmed cuts as usually found at retail; we do not currently offer these exact cuts)

Cuts Weight Percent
Ham, fresh or cured 12 lbs 16%
Loin roast, chops 9 lbs 12%
Bacon 10 lbs 13%
Spareribs 2 lbs 3%
Shoulder butt roasts, chops 6 lbs 8%
Shoulder picnic, fresh, cured 7 lbs 9%
Sausage 6 lbs 8%
Meat total 52 lbs 69%
Lard 15 lbs 20%
Bone, fat & trimmings 8 lbs 11%

Count on above cuts, 52 lbs from an average side of a 215 lb live hog. It is possible to buy whole pork loins at some markets. A clearly trimmed loin will have no waste. From a 150pound carcass, a loin might weigh 9 lbs.

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